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Commercial Cleaning
Commercial  Cleaning Services - Toronto
Commercial Cleaning Services Toronto
Commercial Cleaning Services
Rj's Cleaning Group is an Eco Friendly cleaning company offering professional commercial cleaning services in Toronto.  We provide spotless cleaning for many commercial properties from daily to monthly cleaning. We take pride in keeping Toronto clean!  Our Commercial cleaning services in been offered with Eco friendly practices that will allow us to shine your space and keep it environmentally friendly. Our professional commercial cleaning services are a 100% satisfaction guaranteed. We get the job done! Rj's Cleaning Group provides commercial cleaning services for all types of commercial properties from a small office to large commercial buildings located in Toronto and surrounding area.
We offer Commercial Cleaning Services for many Facilities:
Commercial Cleaning Services for Toronto Stores.
Should you have a store that needs cleaning daily or once a week, please give us a call and we will keep your store shiny at all times.
Commercial Cleaning Services for post construction facilities
Should you have your property recently upgraded and need the place spotless after renovations please call us for a quote.
Commercial Cleaning Services for Laboratories
Should you have a laboratory that needs special attention when cleaning, you can count on us to maintain your laboratory at the highest standard of cleaning.
Commercial Cleaning Services for Gyms
If you have a Gym and need daily maintenance for all your members, count on Rj's Cleaning Group to provide you with a fair price and quality cleaning.
Commercial Cleaning Services for Restaurants
If you own a successful restaurant and need your restaurant clean at all times, we will make sure you have a sparkling restaurant for your customers.
Commercial Cleaning Services for offices
If you finally have your own commercial office and need maintenance or you have had some bad luck with other companies, give us a call and we will be happy to provide a cleaning you will be happy about. We will be happy to take care of the cleaning while you take care of business!
Commercial Cleaning Services for Malls
If your are a successful property owner or maintenance company please allow us to bid on the contract as Rj's Cleaning Group is a trusted commercial cleaning company in Toronto
Please call (647) 345-8133
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 Commercial Cleaning Services in Toronto
Commercial Cleaning Contracts
Our Commercial Cleaning contracts are daily to weekly visit contracts for a set price for up to 3 years.  In the event the client feels unsure to sign a contract, we allow some time to get to know us.  Our contracts are signed to keep an agreed price without having any changes, we always try to benefit our clients because without a happy client there is no business!
Commercial Cleaning contracts can range from simply an office in a commercial building or an entire building itself. All commercial properties are different and demand different services, we work around the different types of services it may need. In some cases the commercial cleaning contract would include waxing and stripping every 6 months. In some case we have a monthly window cleaning included.  Which ever the case may be, we would be happy to provide a quote that would save you money by providing services as bundle.
Commercial Cleaning Prices
Commercial cleaning prices can range from $70 per visit to a $10,000 per month contract.  We want to be able to provide a direct price for our website visitors but every commercial cleaning contract is different.  Should you wish to get a quote please fill out the form  on the home page and we will be happy to provide an estimate.
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