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5 Key Places to Clean in an Office
How To Find Cleaning Contracts
Tips on How to Handle Customer Complaints
How to remove coffee stains from the sink?
5 Tips on how to keep your home tidy


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5 Key Places to Clean in an Office

5 Often Missed Places to Clean in an Office. 

Clean under wires 1. Clean under the wires.  Many offices are cluttered with wires, its important when cleaning an office to get down under the desk and wipe with a cloth, as a large mop might disconnect something or might be too wet. These locations hold a lot of dust. 

2.  Clean around the light switches and door knobs. Due to the constant touch of hands on a light switch and door knobs, many times hand prints accumulate. Wipe out as necessary.

How To Find Cleaning Contracts

How to Find Cleaning Contracts

The answer is easy and straight forward. Get your name out there!  The amount of ways you can send your information to someone now in days is so much easier then years ago.  The internet has become one of the best sources of communication for the business world.

How can you get your name out there? It could be through a phone call, an email, a fax, a post or facebook.  The secret to finding a cleaning contract is to take action!  Make it a habit everyday to work on getting customers as there is no other way of finding cleaning contracts but trough hard work and dedication on getting your cleaning business known to everyone out there!

Tips on How to Handle Customer Complaints

Rj's Cleaning Group Blog- How to Handle Complaints1.      Allow the customer to express all the information he has put together and take notes specifically on what they are asking for and what the problem is.

2.      Apologize! Although it may be a misunderstanding, always apologize for the inconvenience it has caused them. This might bring them down if they are frustrated.

3.       If you have been at fault, you say you will take care of it right away and express a plan for this not to happen again.

How to remove coffee stains from the sink?

One major cleaning issue many offices have, is coffee stains on their kitchen sink, as most of us in Canada drink coffee everyday.

During my years in the cleaning business, I have tried a number things trying to clean off the stains. One of the best cleaning products I have used is the Magic Eraser from Mr. Clean, it removes the stains immediately. This sponge doesn't need any mixing or measuring, you just wipe it around and it comes off! 

Please share any Cleaning Products that have worked wonders for you.

5 Tips on how to keep your home tidy

It is such a great feeling to walk into a clean and tidy home. But for those with small kids or large family, it sometimes becomes difficult to come home to that feeling.  Here are 5 tips that can help you keep your home tidy.

1. Make a home for everything.
Have you ever asked "Honey, have you seen my keys?" 
Having a home for your keys at the door avoids waste of time of looking for it.

2. Categorize your stuff.
For people with kids as an example, I would put all Barbie toys related in one box that may only be taken out once another set of toys have been put away.

Cleaning Supplies in the GTA

Cleaning Supplies in the Greater Toronto Area

If you are looking for cleaning supplies for your cleaning business or your an office owner looking for Janitorial Supplies, here are some Janitorial Stores that have everything you can possibly need.

Cleaning Supplies EtobicokeJAN-MAR SALES LIMITED
514 Kipling Avenue
Toronto, Ontario M8Z 5E3
Phone: 416-255-8535
Toll Free: 888-252-6627

Cleaning Supplies
530 Keele Street Unit 307 
Keele Street & St Clair Ave 
Toronto ON M6N 3C9 
Tel:416 789-0587
Fax:416 789-4254

5 Tips that get missed by cleaning companies

5 Cleaning Tips that get missed by cleaning companies....

1.   Clean the walls.Often enough when washrooms are cleaned the walls are splashed with soap or water. It’s important to wipe them off before the entire wall is stained.
2.   Wipe the garbage bins. More importantly when the bins are stainless steel they need to shine.  Spray some Windex and it will make a detail difference.  If they are plastic, then wipe them with a damp cloth and all purpose cleaner.

What are the benefits of an Eco Friendly Company?

Regular Cleaning Products contain harmful chemicals that react with the ozone from the air, creating toxins like formaldehyde.  Indoor pollutants can cause headaches, flu-like symptoms, neurological issues and possibly increase the risk of respiratory disease. As per the Environmental Protection Agency.
Using Paper towels kills many trees and creates a lot of garbage. In  Canada,we do one of two things with our ordinary garbage, burn it or bury it. Neither one is good for us or for the environment.

What Makes a cleaning company good?

If you are wondering how you choose from so many cleaning companies, I wonder to myself how is my cleaning business different from any other one saying they are best as well.  So after I thought of it, I came up with a list that would be important to me as a customer and as cleaning service provider.
1. Reliable! A business should always stick to their word. No show is a very bad sign they might not be very reliable.
2. Presentable- Just because you are going to clean an office, it does not mean you show up with an old t-shirt and jeans.
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